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Meta Tantay

Joe David Lacy

OUR MISSION;  Provide disaster-resistant homes & utility structures that is energy-autonomous, economically deployable, that utilize cost-saving state of the art building methods,  optimized structural designs & durable sustainable composites that enable building envelope climate control by utilizing the benefit of thermal heat sink/thermal battery storage capacities of mass & phase change thermal storage & release materials, managed with  AMPE = Active Management of Passive Energy - Our AMPE system uses AI & a satellite array of sensors embedded inside & outside our building envelopes that monitor dynamic ambient external & internal climate conditions that enable automatic control of diode or two-way convective air or liquid valves that help maintain human comfort levels with a controlled interaction of external & internal climate conditions as needed for occupant comfort.


 Over the past years, I have been part of small teams that have produced many residential & commercial structures made of rammed earth, adobe, and Steelcrete GFRC, including several low to net-zero carbon footprint cementitious composite prototype demonstration homes.

All types of building construction methods & materials are evolving quickly. I consider the paradigm shift of them all to be the revolution happening now that removes former constraints for architects & engineers to realize the structural & aesthetic advantages of curves.

Flat plane linear designs of old from rectangles to geodesics all were restrained by the fact that material technology had not evolved to the point that allowed these flat plate linear designs to be expressed as actual curves. Only relatively recent advances & access to composite materials, molding & fabrication methods have enabled architects & engineers to now be able to take advantage of material economics, and the optimal distribution of live & dead loads enabled by curved structures & structural advances in low to net zero carbon footprint cementitious composites. 


Our initial deployment is a structural Exo skeleton/monocoque building approach for achieving a light low moment of inertia structures produced in multiples from precisely engineered molds into optimally curved structural elements including radial beams that maximize evenly distributed dead & live loads to produce our patent-pending Sun Disc  Building System.

Our Sun Disc precast-pre-molded components can be installed as a floor, or roof, or installed onto a special sun-tracking mounting assembly for CSP - Concentrated Solar Power - applications.


Our 2nd method of deployment:  Geoship Earth Homes will integrate geotextile reinforced cast earthen walls cast on-site with our patent-pending Jet Cast Earth 3D wall casting machine that changes the paradigm for rammed earth wall installations.

Jet Cast Earth walls & our composite Sun Disc roof represent a good engineering compromise.

 The exclusive offer of our Sun Disc roof installed atop our machine-placed high-density earthen mass walls enables our building envelopes to function as thermal batteries for heat storage in the cold season & conversely for the absence of heat-(coolth) storage batteries in the hot season, with walls up to 24 inches thick, that can be additionally earth-bermed or installed partially underground as options depending on building site soil & terrain conditions & design specifications.

  Geoship Earth Homes 

please stay tuned I have been on this quest for some time now, I am not about to stop now, Lord Willing.

Meta Tantay -

Joe David Lacy





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